Minutes 1 September (joint meeting with Orleton PC)


Orleton Parish Council: Richard Jack – Chairman; Barry Gandy; Eddie Clanzy-Hodge; and Paul Smith.
Richards Castle (Herefordshire) Parish Council: Steven Broom, Peter Owen and Shaun Greetham.

IN ATTENDANCE Ward Cllr. Sebastian Bowen (Bircher Ward); Bill Bloxsome, Data Orchard; and Richard Hewitt (Clerk). There were seven members of the public present, and two members of the neighbourhood plan steering group, Mr D Small and Mr D English.

The parish councils agreed that Richard Jack chairman, Orleton Parish Council should chair the meeting.

1. Apologies for absence – Jenny Harrison (Orleton Parish Council); and Rosemary Thomas, Andrew Davies, William Hall and Thomas Evans (Richards Castle Parish Council).

2. Declarations of interest and written dispensations on agenda items – None.

3. Invitation to members of the public to address the council (limited to 15) – A member of the public asked if representations made at the meeting could lead to changes in the draft plan. Bill Bloxsome, Data Orchard advised that accepting representations outside of the 20 June 2016 deadline for Regulation 14 could lead to a judicial review. The parish councils noted the advice and that members of the public will be able to make representations in the next consultation which is carried out by Herefordshire Council under Regulation 16.

A member of the public raised concern at the designation of the area of green space at Richards Castle and felt that the landowner should have been consulted. Another member of the public asked whether flood risk had been considered when allocating land for development at Richards Castle.

Bill Bloxsome, Data Orchard, provided an overview of the Regulation 16 process, and that Herefordshire Council will address key representations they feel are of concern, and/ or request the independent examiner to look at specific matters raised.

A member of the public asked how many representations were received during the Regulation 14 public consultation on the draft plan. It was noted that more representations were made from Orleton, and, subject to the documents being agreed by the parish councils, the representations schedule, list of agreed alterations and amended neighbourhood development plan will be published on the neighbourhood plan website later in the month.

Access to one of the areas of land allocated at Richards Castle was raised as a concern. The parish councils noted that Highways at Herefordshire Council had not highlighted this in the representation to the Regulation 14 public consultation earlier in the summer. Representatives of the steering group provided an overview of how the Regulation 14 consultation leaflet was delivered to households in both Richards Castle and Orleton.

4. Representations schedule, schedule of changes and amended neighbourhood development plan proposed by the Orleton and Richards Castle Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group – The parish councils agreed to remove the allocated land by Hallett’s Well, Orleton from the neighbourhood development plan after reviewing the number of houses with planning permission in the village. A field opposite the school was granted outline planning permission for 39 houses during the Regulation 14 consultation period, which when combined with the 25 houses already built or given planning permission since 2011, means the Orleton guideline of 53 dwellings by 2031 will be achieved easily.

It was noted that the landowners for the green spaces proposed in the neighbourhood plan were not approached or consulted. According to Data Orchard this is in line with the relevant guidance and does not place new restrictions or obligations on landowners.

Subject to the removal of the allocated land by Hallett’s Well, Orleton and Richards Castle (Herefordshire) Parish Councils agreed unanimously to accept the representations schedule, list of alterations and amended neighbourhood development plan prepared by the steering group for submission to Herefordshire Council.

5. Review steps required to prepare the neighbourhood development plan for submission to Herefordshire Council (Regulation 16) – The parish councils noted the submission for Regulation 16 will require updated HRA and SEA documents. These will be drafted by the neighbourhood planning team at Herefordshire Council based on the pre-submission neighbourhood development plan agreed under #4 earlier in the meeting. Herefordshire Council will draft policy maps as well for the Regulation 16 submission. The parish councils agreed that Data Orchard will draft the Consultation Statement and Basic Condition Statement.

Orleton and Richards Castle Parish Councils noted advice from Data Orchard that the HRA, SEA, policy maps, basic condition statement and consultation statement did not require an additional meeting, and asked the Clerk to submit these documents to Herefordshire Council once they have been reviewed by the steering group.

The meeting noted that Herefordshire Council will organise the six week Regulation 16 consultation, review the representations and, in consultation with the parish councils appoint the independent external examiner. Once the external examiner has reported, a referendum will be held on the neighbourhood development plan, and a simple majority will mean it is adopted.

The parish councils thanked the members of the steering group for their work on the neighbourhood development plan.

The meeting closed at 8.10pm.