Minutes 24 May 2016 (Annual Meeting)


PRESENT Mr S Broom (Chairman); Mrs R Thomas (Vice Chairman); Mr A Davies; Mr S Greetham; Mr P Owen; and Mr W Hall.

IN ATTENDANCE Ward Cllr. S Bowen; Mr R Bayliss, footpaths contractor; and Mr R Hewitt, Clerk.

16/20 Apologies for absence – Cllr. T Evans.

16/21 Election of Chairman – Cllr. S Broom was elected, and signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office as Chairman.

16/22 Co-opt a new member to the parish council – Mr Shaun Greetham of Orchard Rise, Richards Castle was co-opted to the parish council. Cllr. Greetham signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office and joined the meeting.

16/23 Declarations of Interest and requests for Dispensation – None.

16/24 Election of Vice Chairman – Cllr. R Thomas was elected.

16/25 Agree offices and representatives
a) Parochial Church Council: Cllr. R Thomas
b) Village Hall: Cllr. R Thomas
c) Footpaths: Cllr. W Hall
d) Lengthsman: Cllr. T Evans and Cllr. W Hall
e) Highways: Cllr. S Greetham
f) Planning: Cllr. A Davies
g) Neighbourhood development plan: Cllr. P Owen

16/26 Minutes of the previous meetings – The minutes of the meetings held on 13 and 25 April 2016 were approved and signed as a correct record.

16/27 To invite views and discussion from members of the parish – There were no members of the public present.

16/28 Financial items
a) Annual Governance Statement and Accounting Statement 2015-16 – Approved.
b) Risk schedule – Approved.
c) Insurance renewal – It was agreed that cover for Mowers and Machinery is no longer required; and that cover for Street Furniture should be increased to £2,600 to include benches (x3) and the noticeboard by Orchard Rise. The policy was then approved.
d) The following payments were approved: K Adams, internal audit (£86.75); Donation to event to mark the 90th Birthday of Her Majesty the Queen (£75.00); Lunch Club, donation (£84.00); HALC, inhouse training (£142.68); and Came & Company, insurance policy (£276.49).

16/29 Reports from parish councillor representatives
a) Church/ Village Hall: The Vice Chairman said the village hall was broken into recently. Open Gardens will take place on 11-12 June 2016 to mark the official 90th Birthday of Her Majesty the Queen.
b) Footpaths: Cllr. Hall said the briefing with Balfour Beatty’s locality steward has had to be postponed.
c) Lengthsman: Cllr. Hall said the lengthsman has been asked to maintain the crossroads and the green.
d) Highways/ Neighbourhood Plan: The draft neighbourhood development plan is out for public consultation under Regulation 14. Following the end of the consultation period on 20 June 2016, the steering group will meet to review representations and plan next steps, including a grant application.

16/30 Clerk’s Report – Eyelid Productions is developing the new parish council website using the domain name richardscastlepc.org.uk. It is expected to be finished in time for the closure of the Shrop.net website at the end of June 2016.

16/31 Planning – There were no planning matters to consider or planning decisions by Herefordshire Council to report.

16/32 Enhanced lengthsman scheme – The meeting noted the enhanced lengthsman is able to make minor pothole repairs on roads agreed with Herefordshire Council. The enhanced lengthsman has to be approved by Herefordshire Council to undertake the work. The parish council agreed to consider applying to join the enhanced lengthsman scheme at the next opportunity.

16/33 Dog fouling – It was agreed to place dog bags in the noticeboard by Orchard Rise, with a notice inviting dog owners to help themselves to bags when out walking their pet. A dog fouling notice has been placed in Castle News.

16/34 Proposed signs, Post Office Lane – The parish council agreed to obtain a quotation for a sign to help mark the entrance to Post Office Lane and Castle Road. On Post Office Lane, the sign will be erected with the permission of the landowner. The sign to mark the entrance to Castle Road will be placed on the verge between the pavement and hedge.

16/35 Report from the Councillor for Bircher Ward – Ward Cllr. Bowen provided his report at the Annual Parish meeting held earlier in the evening. Members noted Hereford FC had a very successful football season.

16/36 Matters raised for next meeting (no discussion) – Emergency expenditure threshold; policies and procedures, and cost of planters.

16/37 The next parish council meeting will be held at the village hall at 7.30 on 28 July 2016. The meeting closed at 9.28 pm.