Minutes Parish Council Annual Meeting 18th May 2015

Minutes of Richards Castle (Herefordshire) Parish Council Annual Meeting Held at the Village Hall at 7.35 Pm on Monday 18 May 2015

PRESENT  Mr S Broom (Chairman); Mrs R Thomas; Mr A Davies; Mr T Evans; Mr W Hall; and Mr P Owen.

IN ATTENDANCE  Mr E Williams, (former Clerk); and Mr R Hewitt, Clerk.  There were no members of the public present.

15/1 Declarations of Acceptance of Office – The Clerk confirmed all members have signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

15/2 Election of Chairman for 2015-16 – Cllr. S Broom was elected, and signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office as Chairman.

15/3 Election of Vice-Chairman for the ensuing Year – Cllr. R Thomas.

15/4 Co-option of Parish Councillor – It was agreed to approach a member of the public to see if they would be interested in serving on the parish council.

15/5 Code of Conduct – The amended code of conduct provided by HALC was unanimously adopted.

15/6 Declarations of Interest – None.

15/7 Financial items

  1. a) The following invoices were approved for payment: K L Adams, internal audit fee (£115.50); Broker Network Ltd (Came and Company), parish council insurance (£265.00); HALC, annual subscription and affiliation (£273.55); and W S Cadwallader, underpayment on invoice (£15.00).
  2. b) The updated Financial Regulations were adopted. The meeting agreed to update the signatories to the parish council accounts.
  3. c) The accounts for the financial year 2014-15 have been audited and the Annual Governance Statement for the external auditors completed. The parish council approved the Annual Return and agreed the Annual Governance Statement for 2014-15, which were both signed by the Chairman and outgoing Clerk.

15/8 To approve the Minutes of the previous meeting – Minutes of the meeting held on 30 March 2015 were approved and signed as a correct record.

15/9 Matters arising from the Minutes – None.

15/10 Items from the Chairman – Members kindly agreed the following roles: Cllr. R Thomas, PCC/ Church representative; Cllr. T Evans, footpaths; Cllr. W Hall. lengthsman coordination; Cllr. A Davies, planning; and Cllr. P Owen, highways and neighbourhood plan.  These areas will be reviewed at each meeting of the parish council.

15/11 Highway Items – The meeting agreed to look at options to manage the speed of traffic through the village at the next meeting.  The repair of a pothole at Orchard Rise was noted.

15/12 Lengthsman scheme

The meeting agreed to appoint Hitrees as a parish lengthsman and the Chairman signed the contracts for 2015-16 with Hitrees and Balfour Beatty.

15/13 Planning – There were no planning matters.

15/14 Reports from Representatives who have attended meetings of other Organisations on behalf of the Parish Council and Herefordshire Councillor Report – There were no reports.

15/15 Meetings for the year 2015-16 – The following dates were agreed: Monday, 27 July 2015; Monday, 21 September 2015; and Wednesday, 2 December 2015.

The meeting closed at 8.40 pm.