Data from SID deployment in October 2019

The two Speed Indicator Displays, part-owned by the parish council, were deployed for the first time on the B4361 in the village in October 2019 using the pre-existing sockets installed some years ago.

The data from each SID is set out below:

SID Results – Unit by Post Office Lane, 4 – 31 October 2019:
Total traffic numbers: 23,220
Average speed: 31.1 mph
Total traffic numbers (85%): 19,737
Average speed (85%): 39.7 mph
Highest speed recorded: 75mph at 8.00am on 24 October 2019

SID Results – Unit by county boundary, 4 – 31 October 2019.
Total traffic numbers: 19,952
Average speed: 31.3 mph
Total traffic numbers (85%): 16,952
Average speed (85%): 38.6 mph
Highest speed recorded: 65mph at 10.15pm on 22 October 2019

The measure used by West Mercia Police is called the 85th percentile, which is intended to capture the average speed of most drivers by excluding the highest and lowest speeds.  The results from the Post Office Lane Unit have been shared with West Mercia Police, and a request made for enforcement action.


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