Smartwater Crime Prevention kits have arrived!

Smartwater Crime Prevention kits have arrived at Richards Castle
To get yours please contact the Clerk
And register to protect your items and deter potential thieves

Richard Castle (Herefordshire) Parish Council have obtained a grant from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner to help fund the provision of a SmartWater Crime Prevention kit for all households in the parish. These kits have been purchased by the Parish Council for the benefit of the community to reduce opportunities for rural crime and are available free of charge.

To register for your Smartwater Crime Prevention kit please provide your name, address and telephone number/ email address to the Clerk to the parish council. Once registered, your Smartwater Crime Prevention kit will be posted to you. You can then apply it to your property to protect your items and deter burglary.

West Mercia Police will put up signs that indicate the village has a SmartWater system operating to deter potential thieves once 70+ percent of households have registered.


I am a resident/ farm/ business in Richards Castle Herefordshire and want to register for a free of charge Smartwater kit.

NAME: ____________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: __________________________________________________________________


TELEPHONE/ EMAIL: ________________________________________

SIGNED: ____________________________

Please email your registration to the Clerk by, preferably, Monday 15th February 2021 to enable the council to assess the take up of Smartwater in the parish at its next meeting:

Once registered, your Smartwater Crime Prevention kit will be posted to you. You can then apply it to your property to protect your items and deter burglary.

Richards Castle (Herefordshire) Parish Council

Please note that the Smartwater Crime Prevention kits are only available for residents and businesses in Richards Castle Herefordshire. The data you provide will be registered with West Mercia Police and Smartwater Group Ltd.



Your SmartWater kit is unique to you, your home & your property
SmartWater is made up of 85% Water, 10% polymers plus a unique mix of rare earth metal traces which make every bottle unique. SmartWater is invisible in daylight but fluoresces under UV light. SmartWater cannot be removed.

Why protect your items with SmartWater?
If your items were stolen, the police can trace them back to you. The “We Don’t Buy Crime” initiative is about prevention, protecting your items and deterring burglary – but how? Thieves hate SmartWater and here’s why…

1. All stolen goods are checked for SmartWater and all police officers carry UV torches and regularly spot check items that arouse suspicion.
2. The Police team work vigorously to encourage all organisations who buy items off the public; retailers, scrap metal merchants, auction houses, antique and jewellery dealers to check for SmartWater therefore sabotaging the re-sale avenue of stolen goods.
3. When a suspect is arrested and brought in to custody at a West Mercia police station, they are checked for SmartWater – if a suspect is arrested for burglary – their premises are checked for other stolen goods and those marked with SmartWater.
4. In a court of law, SmartWater is sufficient evidence to convict with 100% conviction rate in court to date

What’s in the pack?
1. One SmartWater vial that is uniquely coded to your address
 Each vial will give you between 50-75 applications – only one small dot is need – it dries invisibly in 10 mins and adheres to any solid clean surface fully in 24 hours.
 SmartWater will keep in the bottle for a good couple of years – if stored sensibly and kept cool, even longer, although we do recommend you use it not store it. As long as you can shake the bottle and it remains fluid it’s good to go. The longest example of SmartWater lasting is on a church roof – it has been fluorescing on the lead roof for over 14 years
2. Large square window stickers
 It is essential to display these in a front and rear window of your house – visible from the roadside/approach, also great to put on caravan windows, shed/garage windows
 These stickers act as a massive deterrent to burglary
3. Small weatherproof stickers
 These can be used inside or outside the property – visual reminders to a thief that the item is protected by SmartWater. Great places to put these stickers: Garage door handles, padlocks on sheds/outside units, bikes, garden equipment, mobile phones, cars, transportable IT equipment, windows, letterboxes and gates.

How to protect your items
 If you have the choice of a rough or smooth surface, always choose the rough as it adheres better
 Keep a list of all items you have marked and where they were marked then save the information securely – ideally a digital copy to the cloud
 Good places to put SmartWater; Tools & IT Equipment, Bikes, Jewellery, Artwork, Furniture, electrical equipment, cars, mobile phones, clothing accessories, garden furniture/ornaments/equipment, trailers, caravans, motorbikes even on your pets (i.e., inside your dog’s ear – this method will require refreshing every few months)

Common Questions answered
1. What if I move address? Ring SmartWater and advise of your change of address – it moves with you.
2. What if I sell something valuable that is SmartWater protected? Ring SmartWater and let them know – tell the buyer where it is marked too so they can tell SmartWater or just keep a record of who you sold it to.
3. You will receive more information when you receive our kit.


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